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It's True! Your ICO Could Be Worth $8 Million Right Now

In this article written by a marketing expert you'll learn a powerful proven way to attract thousands of qualified Crypto investors, beat Crypto ad bans, make money practically guaranteed, and rise above all ICO competitors.  You will also learn the reasons why most Crypto ICO marketing campaigns fail.

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Most ICO marketing campaigns will fail!   Here's why ...

Most ICO Marketers are following the pack and not leading the pack!  They are following in the same footsteps of failed ICO marketers that have gone over the cliff and they are using the same marketing strategy and techniques that have been proven to fail. They're meeting, brainstorming, strategizing, discussing, and scratching their heads. They're fishing for answers of ways to market their ICO but they're all missing the obvious answer in fact the holy grail of ICO marketing. A strategy that guarantees success.

Heres what Fortune Inc. had to say about ICO failure rates in an article titled

Nearly Half of 2017's Cryptocurrency 'ICO' Projects Have Already Died

cryptocurrency news site has surveyed last year's ICOs and found that of 902 tracked by TokenData, 142 failed before raising funding, and another 276 failed after fundraising.

That's a 46% failure rate but wait, there's more. found another 113 projects that it calls 'semi-failed,' because their teams have gone off the radar or their community has withered away. Add those, and the failure rate jumps to 59%. says the total funding of failed projects from 2017 was $233 million.


If you look closely at all the ICO failures you will notice a clear pattern.  Have a great idea for a product or service spend much time perfecting the idea but little time and expense marketing it.

Reminds me of the soldier working on the shining his weapon and bullets while his enemy is shooting what he has and kills the poor guy.

Much can be learned from analyzing failed ICO's.  If you go back in history I am certain that you will find hundreds of investor invitation posts plastered about social media sites.  How did that work out for them?  What we can learn then is If you want your ICO to fail you should just follow their lead and post free investor invitations to people with no interest or money.. 

About the author

Brand Marketing Expert Speaker Publisher Songwriter
Scott Alliy is a successful startup founder, creative copywriter and marketing expert.  He offers Business coaching and growth marketing services. Scott is available to speak at your event about the importance of your business brand.

Topics include Brand acquisition and development and brand marketing and protection followed by a Q& A where the audience can get instantly useful advice from an Internet marketing expert with over 23 years experience

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So What is a Winning ICO Marketing Strategy?

Lets start by identifying your target audience
  1. People with interest and passion about your product or service
  2. people with interest in CryptoCurrency (or who want to learn more)
  3. People with money to invest
What if you could get your business and Coin or Token offerings right smack in front of this group?  And what if your tokens were the only option for them to invest in? 

Do you think your ICO could succeed and that your business would grow?

Great news! 

You can

Attract real investors that will actually pay you to hear your ICO pitch

be the only game in town with no competition

make money guaranteed


read on to find out  how ...


Quickly Boost Token Sales!  Winning ICO marketing strategy Reveals How

The Company That Hosts Crypto World Summit Will Exceed Their Token Sales Goals And Blow Away The Competition. Read on to find out why.

According to online posts and published articles since the beginning of 2018 two major tech giants Facebook and Google have announced a decision to block Crypto advertising from their platforms and it now appears that Twitter has also joined them by banning Crypto Ads.

One course of action and perhaps the best way for Cryptocurrency industry leaders to fight back against the ad blocking and negative press is to seek alternative methods to identify, attract, and then educate potential investors about

  • What are cryptocurrencies
  • What are the risks and benefits of investing in CryptoCurrency.
  • What crypto investment opportunities are available
  • What determines a good Crypto Investment

    Here's why hosting a Crypto event Is an ICO marketers dream


    • make money on registrations
    • profit from sponsorships
    • Direct access to Crypto investors
    • Will be the only token offered at the event


    The host of Crypto World summit will have the full attention of interested investors thirsting for knowledge and anxious to hear about their crypto currency investment opportunity.



    The plain and simple truth for those people passionately involved, actively engaged, and personally invested in Cryptocurrency marketing and business operations the show must go on!

    the show must go on is an excellent way to describe the attitude that Cryptocurrency industry leaders need to have in order to face the challenges and yes opportunities that lie ahead on the heels of the Facebook, Google and other media platforms decisions to block CryptoCurrency ads.



    Way before the Tech years Public events like Summits, Conferences, Expos, Conventions, and Tradeshows have proven to be the best way to attract, inform and excite a large audience with keen interest in the subject, product, and services your business or organization is offering.

    Conference and Summit events specifically Tech events are known to draw thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers and sponsors in one location for an average 2 to 3 day period.

    During these events participants can gain great insights about the product or service or technology that the event is built upon, speakers get to share their vast knowledge with attendees and sponsors receive brand recognition and the opportunity to generate leads and sales of their products and services.

    The Tech giants decision to block crypto ads will have a serious impact on Crypto businesses offering cryptocurrency related products and services but all is not lost

    Check out these Crypto events news items as reported online

    This from a Crypto events article in May on CNBC website titled "Bitcoin conferences flood New York, bringing millions in ticket sales"

    "Well over 4,000 are expected to attend CoinDesk's Consensus conference in New York City.  With tickets roughly $2,000 each, the conference is likely bringing in at least $8 million"

    "A recent Token event organizer revealed that over 1900 people attended the event and a related article revealed two day ticket price of nearly $500."

    That's nearly $1,000,000 in registrations alone not counting event sponsorships and other revenue streams.

    "A recent Crypto event organizer revealed that their event was Sold Out!  4500 attendees 100 speakers and sponsors and registration fees from $499 to $5000 for their two day Crypto event."

    Not sure the various sponsorship levels but a good estimate with sponsor fees along with registration fees  means gross revenues for this Crypto event are likely between $6 to $10 million.  That's some serious jack!


  and two premium Cryptocurrency events brands are currently for sale at and available for you to buy and use for your own Crypto event.

    S. Brady Alliy CEO and a veteran Internet marketer and startup business founder himself reveals how to use alternate channels that Cryptocurrency businesses can use to promote and grow their business.

    Cryptocurrency based business and ICO's can fight back against recent decisions to block their advertising efforts. 

    He suggests that the best way forward for Crypto businesses to grow their audience and achieve their business goals is to organize promote and conduct industry events founded on a strong memorable brand that will resonate with a targeted audience of Cryptocurrency investors and businesses and that can be easily remembered and shared using social media , email, good ole word of mouth and other tools that remain available to marketing professionals charged with achieving company sales goals.

    These are the 5 major benefits to owning a premium event brand and holding an event with your business as the featured host.

    1) Enormous exposure for your company name during the process of marketing your event

    2) Forge relationships with cryptocurrency related business that can sponsor your event and will be providing ongoing services to your business as it grows

    3) Income realized from registration sponsorships and other event activities.

    perhaps the biggest benefit to hosting your own cryptocurrency Summit is

    4) Eliminate the competition - Attendees that decide to purchase tokens or invest during the event will have only one choice and that is your Token or investment offer.

    and finally

    5) If you don't your competition will!

    There are reportedly over 1800 crypto currency businesses trying to attract investors and raise funds for their own projects.

    Crypto event brands like and (both for sale now) only at are one-of-a-kind brands.  Either you or your competition will be the one that will

    • own the brand
    • hold the event
    • Have the full attention of a large targeted audience of Crypto enthusiasts eager to learn and invest. 


    Be sure to visit and and claim these brands before your competition does

    In related news announced on March 19th news from a G20 member meeting seems to have had a positive effect on CryptoCurrency value.

    Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and others have had a wild ride in the first quarter of 2018.  Much of it due to security concerns surrounding the mining, holding, and transaction security of crypotocurrencies aka alt coins.

    Helping to increase the rapid decline in value were a recent federal government crackdown on illicit entities allegedly involved in Ponzi schemes and news of hacking activity at a major cryptocurrency exchange.

    In an article published on the website

    Bank of England Governor and chairman of the Financial Stability board (FSB) Mark Carney had published a letter to FSB board members stating 

    "The FSBs initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time."

    According to the article the relaxed stance by G20 members has had an immediate positive effect on Cryptocurrency valuations.  It remains to be seen whether recent losses will be recovered or if positive growth in cryptocurrency valuation will continue.


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    This winning ICO strategy starts with a memorable brand name.  When words gets out about this winning ICO marketing strategy all the great Crypto event names will be taken.  Don't miss your opportunity to own the best brand name for your Crypto event and exceed your ICO marketing goals.

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