How to negotiate and buy a Domain name

"There is a right way and wrong way to negotiate your domain name purchase in order to get the best domain name you want at the best possible price."
In order to insure you get the exact domain name you want at the best possible price it is wise to first make some basic assumptions
  • The owner of this domain bought it either for development or investment. Either way they have a financial or emotional attachment
  • Insulting their right to have the domain or their wish to sell the domain asset for profit will cost you money and could end the negotiation or at least make the negotiation and domain buying process a nightmare
Lets look at the ideal steps you should take to intelligently go about getting the best deal on the exact domain name you want to own.  
1) Know your budget and determine if the likely asking price for the domain name you want to own is within that budget

(there are several websites that list historical sales of similar domain names for you to use as a guide)

2) Once you have determined that the domain name you want to buy is within your price range contact the owner with an offer to buy the domain name using a price 20% below your max budget. 

(If the current owner accepts your offer you save money.  If not you have room for negotiation to improve your offer in order to complete the purchase.  If they reply with an enormous asking price you have the historical sales data to defend and support your offer and remind them of the true fair market value of the domain name)

3) If the buyer accepts your offer or when price negotiations are complete and both parties have agreed to the deal insist on using a reputable escrow company to complete the transaction.  The Escrow fee can be buyer paid (normally), seller paid, or can be mutually shared if both parties agree, 

(Failure to use an escrow service can compromise the security of the transaction and may end with you losing money without getting the domain name.)

4) IMPORTANT:  If you are not knowledgeable about domain name value or experienced in purchase negotiations and you don't wish to spend the time and effort  in researching historical sales or finding the true owner of a domain, or you wish to avoid the negotiations process, you should hire a professional domain name broker like to represent you in the domain buying process. 


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