Joint Venture partner wanted for Paymio.coml

You've got a great idea and a great plan to develop Paymio.coml.

Fantastic! You may be just the joint venture partner we are looking for.

We have carefully prepared this valuable information to help you decide if Paymio.coml is the right brand. And help you determine if you and will make good joint venture partners to build a successful business for Paymio.coml.

About the Paymio.coml Joint Venture Opportunity is interested in a joint venture partnership with qualified candidates that meet our JV partner requirements to develop, monetize, lease, and ultimately purchase our premium brand domain name Paymio.coml . experienced business team offers many benefits to our joint venture partners including

Startup business experience

Successful Internet business development marketing and operations

Brand naming and Social marketing skills

Equity financing to qualified joint venture partners for Paymio.coml .

Why Paymio.coml is a valuable brand name.
Paymio.coml was carefully chosen by enaming experts for its strong brand appeal and development and high profit potential. Premium domain names like Paymio.coml can deliver all these benefits.

Paymio.coml Joint Venture Opportunity Guidelines

The preferred JV partner we are looking for meets the following requirements

1) Has a solid business plan to develop and monetize Paymio.coml

2) Proven software development skills

3) Skills and experience relating to the business market sector that Paymio.coml will serve.

4) A solid marketing plan to promote the Paymio.coml website or app.

5) Previous business experience including business operations and growing sales, market share, and revenues.

6) Has Investment capital and can commit to lease Paymio.coml for a two year period.

7) Can deliver a Letter of Intent to acquire the brand domain Paymio.coml with terms and conditions as negotiated between you and AIS.

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