Vanity eMail Addresses New Business Marketing Trend

"Vanity emails are an affordable effective way to communicate with prospects and customers to generate leads and increase sales and profits."
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Jan. 27, 2017 - PRLog -- Your free email address is costing you much more than you think according to Scott Alliy an Internet marketing pioneer and President of a domain name and Internet marketing agency. Scott who has seen it all when it comes to digital marketing over the last 20 plus years and one of the biggest mistakes is the misunderstanding or misuse of the power of domain names and vanity email addresses..

"Your email address is like your storefront, the first thing prospective customers see" says Scott. Many times people will make a judgment about your business based on your email address without ever giving you a chance to earn their business. If your storefront awning was ripped or if your storefront windows were broken you would fix them so why are you presenting yourself with a free broken meaningless often irrelevant email address? asks Scott

His company offers vanity email addresses to independent business professionals and small and medium businesses that wish to present their business to prospects and customers in the best and most professional light. owns thousands of premium domain names in all industries and vertical markets that can be used to create countless vanity email addresses says Scott.

With same day service can help you replace your dull meaningless email address with an email addresses that tells prospects and customers exactly who you are and what you offer and gives them the confidence they need to do business with you. one of premium brand domain names is one example of how a vanity email address can instantly braing credibility to business professionals and improve the interest and likely hood that prospects and customers will do business with you. As a customer would you be more impressed to receive an email from joewatson22756@gmail (mailto:joewatson22456@gmail) or joewatson@homesandrealty ( asks Scott.

A Great vanity email addresses is your identity to the world, your first impression. Vanity email addresses help attract your ideal customer and tells them who you are, what you do, and many times exactly how you can help them solve their problems or provide for their needs.

Great vanity email addresses are specific and easy to remember and share. They promote loyalty and repeat business and withstand the test of time.

Vanity email rental prices as with premium domain name sales are priced by industry and application says Scott. Scott encourages independent contractors and business professionals as well as small and medium business owners to visit and view the available list of domain names upon which vanity emails can be created and to contact an advisor if they don't find the exact domain name they want to use.


We are tech savvy brand marketing strategists highly focused on helping businesses of all sizes create and promote their brand and do a better job of marketing their products and services on the Internet.

Our team members have twenty years Internet marketing and Internet business development and operations experience including finding buying and selling brand domain names that uniquely identify your business, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase sales, improve social media marketing results and help you beat your competition and own your niche market. We specialize in outside the box marketing strategies that take advantage of the latest tech and capitalize on consumer buying trends with an emphasis on cost savings and results.


10 Business Benefits Of Owning A Great Domain Name

  • Get free direct traffic to your website
  • Domain names tell people exactly where to find you on the Internet
  • A Good Domain name presents a more professional image and can support and even build your brand in the marketplace
  • Domain names are unique. Nobody else can own your domain name
  • Low annual renewal saves you money
  • Domain names are easy to share on social media and wom advertising
  • Search engines rank websites with relevant domain names higher
  • Domain names add value to your business at time of sale
  • Owning multiple domain names relating to your business can increase traffic and the number of qualified site visitors that you receive
  • Owning multiple Domain names blocks competition from entering into your space and increases the value of your business to potential buyers

Brand Domain Names are the best way to introduce your unique business products and services to consumers.  When you own a great brand domain you eliminate your competition and drive free traffic to your website.  Brand domains help you save money on advertising and increase sales of your products and services and avoid the cost and frustration of competing for consumer eyeballs on congested and confusing social media websites.  This is why our expert domain advisors say "Don't compete, Conquer. Own a great unique brand domain name and compete in a marketing game where you are the only player and you will always win.".

Ask a qualified domain advisor which brand domains are best to own for your product or service and start saving money, generating quality leads, increasing sales and market share, winning social media marketing, and crushing your competition today.  

About BrandsTek

We are tech savvy brand marketing strategists highly focused on helping businesses of all sizes create and promote their brand and do a better job of marketing their products and services on the Internet.

Our team includes Internet business experts with 21 years experience in the Domain name and Internet marketing industries. We specialize in helping startups and business owners find choose and buy great domain names that help you gain top search ranking, increase website traffic, generate qualified leads and save money on marketing and advertising. parent company owns thousands of high quality brand domain names.  Each of these domain names were carefully selected for their ability to help you help you build and grow your business and protect your market space from competition. We offer these brand domains for sale to businesses like yours on request along with professional brand advisory and consulting services.

Contact us and let one of our expert domain name and Internet business advisors help make sure the name branding decisions you make are the best ones for your business or marketing campaign and help you avoid costly business branding mistakes.

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