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There are hidden profits and income in your business.  Our proven system will help you find and turn extra cost into extra cash!
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Its hard to do business the old way in a new fast changing world.  BrandsTek.com business advisors have been creating and operating online businesses since 1995. 

During the last 20 plus years we have watched the way that the tech giants have molded Internet user behavior.  Everyone has noticed changes like paid search, free homepages, messenger and photo sharing apps.  But there has also been many small changes that only Internet marketing experts like the business advisors at BrandsTek.com with trained eyes and ears have noticed.
Brands are a great example.  There has been a fundamental shift in the way businesses use brands to communicate their products and services to millennial internet users.  Traditional words like Homes and Real estate are now associated with Zillow and Trulia Travel and hotels are now associated with Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, Priceline and Booking.com

Rebranding is just one of the many ways the expert business advisors at BrandsTek.com can help you mine the gold from your business.  Aside from the obvious benefits of attracting a new audience of qualified customers rebranding is a great way to "rally the troops" and invigorate your team to work together to promote the "new you".

Another less obvious but equally as important and potentially profitable is to analyze current ad spend to insure that your marketing budget and activities are optimized to capture the right audience in the right place at the right time.  BrandsTek.com experienced business analysts can show you a way to do that quickly easily and free.

Our internet marketing experts and experienced business advisors can also show you how to get more from your b2b and b2c social media activities on popular sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Are you ready to "Mine the Hidden treasure from your business"?  Call and speak to a qualified BrandsTek.com business advisor.  The initial consultation is free, you have nothing to lose, and the info you gain from speaking with a business expert could bring you immediate profits.  


About BrandsTek

We are experienced brand marketing strategists highly focused on helping businesses of all sizes choose grow and protect their digital brand and do a better job of marketing their products and services on the Internet.

We Believe that It is far easier to help customers find you than it is for you to find customers.

Our team includes Internet business experts with 21 years experience in the Domain name and Internet marketing industries. We specialize in helping startups and business owners find choose and buy great domain names that help you gain top search ranking, increase website traffic, generate qualified leads and save money on marketing and advertising.

BrandsTek.com parent company owns hundreds of high quality brand domain names. 

What We Do
Domain Name Brokers
Locate negotiate buy and sell domain names you need to build grow and protect your business
Business Analysts
Learn what you are doing right what you are doing wrong what you're not doing that you should be to reduce costs and generate qualified leads and increase traffic and sales for your business. Discover who your best customer is and learn where and how to reach them at the right time for maximum sales.
Marketing Advisors
Discover little known strategies that you can use to get unlimited free advertising and get your products and services in front of your best target customers anytime day or night. 

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All the brand domain names we offer are carefully selected for their ability to help you help you build and grow your business and protect your market space from competition. We offer these brand domains for sale to businesses like yours on request along with professional brand advisory and consulting services.  Contact us  and let one of our expert domain name and Internet business advisors help make sure the name branding, marketing and business operations decisions you make are the best ones for your business or marketing campaign and let us help you avoid costly business branding and business mistakes.

These Certified Brand Domains Are Available For Sale or Joint Venture